Hi there! I am a high school ELA teacher in Florida who has always wanted to start an educator blog to swap stories, share resources, and let off some steam from the testing pressure cooker that is secondary English. This month, I forced my students into some project-based learning to finish off the year. As recompense, I made my own project as well: this website!

I love YA fiction, Zumba, and nerdy cat merchandise (yes, I am currently typing this in a Purrmaid” cat-mermaid hybrid shirt). I’m always looking for relevant ways to get students engaged in the literature we read and the responses we write…and all the other standards-based stuff we tackle in between.

I also love to learn from my students. This year, I learned what actually constitutes a dank meme, how to dab properly, and where to buy a diamond fidget spinner. Oh, and how we shouldn’t stereotype a whole generation, because my students surprise me on the daily with their wit, graciousness, and creativity.

Power up!